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power derived from the wind (as by windmills)

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Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Minister Ignatius Jonan said he supported the operation of the Sidrap wind power plant.
Evalair owns and operates five wind power plants in Ireland with a combined generating capacity of 223,000KW, providing renewable energy-based electricity to Irelands power market under the countrys feed-in tariff system.
The wind energy is infinitely sustainable form of energy, usually a wind power plant can last over 20 years.
Provided) that the license is awarded this year as we project, we want to invest in a 340 MW capacity wind power plant," he said.
According to the cooperation documents signed between the local companies and Korean investors, $220 million of investment is needed to be absorbed to build the wind power plant in an area of 100 square kilometers.
Taqa filed a request with Federal Regulatory Energy Commission to sell its stake in the Lakefield wind power plant to Nebras Power in November 2015.
During its trial period, from April last year to early July this year, the wind power plant fed into Macedonia's power system more than 135,000 MWh of electricity.
As per plan, Pakistan is developing wind power plants belts located in Southern Pakistan identified as corridors for wind power plants.
2MW Zorlu Wind Power (Turkey), 50MW Fauji Fertilizer Company Energy Limited (FFCEL), 50MW Three Gorges First Wind Power Plant China (TGF) and fourth one (Sapphire) is in its completion stage, whereas Foundation Wind Energy Limited (FWEL-II) 50MW has already been added to the system in December 2014.
The first turbines will begin to produce electricity as from the first quarter of 2015, and the wind power plant will be fully operational by August 2015, stated Judeh.
Construction work has started at the Al Tafilah development, Jordan's first large-scale wind power plant.
As of today Armenia has just one small wind power plant.
Turkish conglomerate Borusan Holding's energy company has started the construction of a wind power plant in the northwestern province of TekirdaA Turkey, which is slated to have 50 megawatts (mW) installed power.
Siemens delivered wind turbines, grid connection and provides service under a long-term agreement London Array offshore wind power plant provides enough clean electricity to power 500,000 British households.
Wind energy and wind power plant construction leads to increasing public protests because of lack of data and information about wind power plants' impact on the surrounding environment (Jaskelevicius, Uzpelkiene 2008).