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a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instruments

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All three ensembles performed on April 4: The high school wind ensembles competition took place at Bellingham High School; the middle schools at King Phillip Regional High School in Wrentham; and the high school concert choirs at Longmeadow High School.
Conductor Matt Lefebvre led the Westboro High School Wind Ensemble through a repertoire that included "Emperata Overture" by Claude T.
His ever-expanding body of works includes music for accompanied voice, a cappella choir, solo piano, wind ensemble, orchestra and various chamber ensembles.
SOME years ago I was in Lugo,Northern Spain, with the touring RLPO, on the day of Corpus Christi,and had the exciting experience of hearing the 95-piece Barcelona Police Wind Ensemble playing in the Square.
So we arefortunate t o haveon our doorsteps the Royal Northern College Wind Ensemble, although they tend t o be restricted to the college and recording studio.
Since the initiation of these performing groups, wind ensemble directors have made a serious effort to enlarge the repertory by commissioning original works.
All three works are beautifully printed on high-quality, heavy-stock paper, which, combined with the significant commissioning projects that underwrote the compositions, the high artistic intent of the music, the characteristic writing for winds, the sizable dimensions of the works, and the excellent recent recordings, indicate the important place now taken by wind ensemble music as a vital means for serious artistic expression in the late twentieth century.
This idea can also be extended to large performing ensembles such as orchestra and wind ensembles, where faculty members serve as section leaders or principal players.
The festival is sponsored by the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles.
More than 17,000 secondary schoolchildren are members of the 29 County Ensembles which include six orchestras, eight brass bands, six wind ensembles, three choirs and three percussion groups.
Warwickshire County Music Service's annual Summer Serenade concerts proved extremely popular at the venue on Monday and Tuesday, with music from strings, flute and clarinet choirs, wind ensembles and full orchestras.
Lowry was founding music director and conductor of the Peninsula Chamber Orchestra in Palos Verdes California, and frequently appears as a guest conductor and clinician of orchestras and wind ensembles throughout the U.
The Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Ensemble is looking for new members to join 29 orchestras, brass bands, choirs, wind ensembles, steel orchestras and percussion groups.
the dissemination of the wind ensemble concept on a national scale at both the collegiate and secondary levels in the 1970s; and the spread of wind ensembles to Japan and Western Europe, leading to the foundation of both the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) and the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles (BASBWE) in 1981.
Peters Corporation in New York, shows the diversity of instrumentation characteristic of wind ensembles.