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a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instruments

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Back for its second performance, the INR Wind Ensemble in March presented classical offerings from a wide range of composers.
The grade distribution for the Wind Ensemble for the Spring 2008 semester, using only the ensemble grading rubric, was 3.
The music now available comprises mostly orchestral works, operas, and works for chorus-with-orchestra, jazz band and wind ensemble.
On June 8 the Pittington Brass Band takes centre stage followed by Craghead Colliery Band on June 22 and Durham County Wind Ensemble on June 29.
Would a wind ensemble do it justice or just inflate its coarseness?
Katabatic Winds is The Sage Gateshead's youth wind ensemble, with the region's finest young wind players showcasing their talent in a variety of styles of music.
SOPAC's official launch period will take place the first two weeks of November, culminating in a fundraiser gala on November 16, with performances by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, wind ensemble Imani Winds, Latin jazz saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera, Israeli pianist Alon Yavnai and soprano Brenda Feliciano.
He has to "cluster his assets" by joining a regional wind ensemble or a rock band that opens for Bruce Springsteen or tutoring underprivileged children in music or writing a music column for Slate.
NEWHALL - The Hart High School Wind Ensemble performed for a group of renowned judges during The Disney Honors, a national concert band and orchestra invitational held March 29 through April 2 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla.
French music for winds isn't merely a case of fizz and froth, though there was certainly plenty of that in Tuesday's delicious programme at the Bromsgrove Festival, when the Wind Ensemble of the London Mozart Players was joined by pianist Pascal Roge for a menu on which the oldest vintage came from 1887.
There are references to procurement of a book of "tenors," possibly tenors for the performance of basse dances by an alta cappella; to a roster of instrumentalists who could have formed either such an alta cappella or a wind ensemble capable of performing instrumental arrangements of three- or four-part vocal music (181); to the sounding of trumpets as accompaniment to entries and jousts (192); to the use of polyphonic music for the Feast of St.
Since the initiation of these performing groups, wind ensemble directors have made a serious effort to enlarge the repertory by commissioning original works.
During this period, the festival will invite the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Moment Musical, the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Subsidiary Wind Ensemble, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Ten Drum Percussion Group, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Performance Group, and the National Taiwan Sport University to perform, as well as coordinating seven major fireworks shows.