wind power

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power derived from the wind (as by windmills)

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Among the topics are shrinkage properties of polymer-modified cement mortars, evaluating the hydration of Portland cement modified with polyvinyl alcohol and nano clay, the mechanical behavior and thermal conductivity of mortars with waste plastic particles, polymer-modified mortars for corrosion protection at offshore wind energy converters, the effect of concrete hydrophobation against chloride penetration, and advanced seismic countermeasures for concrete bridges using polymer in Japan.
Powernique Technology is an independent engineering consultant in renewable energy services specializing in solar-wind hybrid power generation, development of wind energy converters, load calculation, rotor blade design and development, power design, drive train development and gear box rating, vibration analysis and noise reduction, electrical design and control, component testing and validation, plant engineering and test rigs, technical due diligence, and manufacturing surveillance.
Also the new challenging load conditions imposed on wind farms located on places where existing type of wind turbine towers are not suitable require the development of new type of support structures for wind energy converters.