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The ministry called on motorists to be particularly careful when driving on desert roads on which wind breakers are absent, leading to sand piling up and making it hard for motorists to avoid them if they are driving at high speed.
In the past, mulberry trees have served as wind breakers, delineating property boundaries and waterways and were not considered a cash crop in Balochistan.
Being in a wide plain there are no natural wind breakers.
The first to be removed are temporary structures, which include wind breakers, water barriers, fences, beach beds and kiosks.
In response to government's call of assistance for flood victims, Skorpion Zinc recently donated 600 pairs of school shoes and 600 wind breakers worth N$200,000 to the Ministry of Education's branch in Outapi.
To entertain the masses and help them spend their hard-earned pay, resorts used staff to hire out wind breakers and deck chairs (single and double) and to sell huge amounts of candy floss, cockles, rock, fish and chips and other seaside fare.
It was 40 degrees out, with a brisk wind blowing, and we shivered in wind breakers.
Tall-growing trees such as seedling mango, Jamun and Eucalyptus are planted 2 to 3 years prior to the planting of Litchi plants to serve as wind breakers.
The family enjoyed wonderful days out at Southport beach surrounded by Billy's expertly constructed wind breakers and caravanning holidays in north Wales.
It was a gloriously sunny day when we entered the restaurant, which was relatively busy, but far from full capacity, so we opted to sit outside, protected from the light breeze by the continental-style static wind breakers, emblazoned with beer adverts.
Every year since 1995, unwanted Christmas trees have been collected and sent to Holy Island, where they were used as wind breakers.