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a city in southern England

a shoulder rifle

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Its market share, built largely on 14-inch disk-pack and Winchester drives, peaked at 62 percent in 1980-81.
Longmont, CO) has announced the smallest-yet Winchester drive.
Users report success using SyQuest Winchester drives to run operating systems and less frequently used software, edit and play video clips, develop multimedia presentations, access musical sampler data, edit real-time audio clips, edit graphics files on the fly, scan high-resolution photos, run Internet browsers and download data, run Internet search engines for managed downloads, and play games with enhanced performance from the cartridge.
Silicon Systems currently holds the largest share of the global market for mixed signal ASICs in hard disk drives and serves every manufacturer of Micro Winchester drives in the world.
solution also includes an innovative, high-capacity multimedia file-server and storage module, with a direct ATM network connection, that offer enormous capacity for audio-video data -- on low-cost Winchester drives.