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a city in southern England

a shoulder rifle

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He agreed to meet me in Winchester, a short drive from IBM's Hursley Park, the birthplace of Winchester disk technology, and discuss how things have moved on since the 80s.
Earlier in his career, Nealon served as vice president, Far East operations for Maxtor Corporation, a manufacturer of Winchester disk drives.
Offers for extrusion lines: Dataline 2000 microprocessor control system with all preprogrammed software, Winchester disk drive and memory, and capacity to control 52 zones designated as heat/cool or heat only.
Kaczeus has guided advancements in fixed Winchester disk drive storage and now in portable, ruggedized storage solutions," said Sam David Haddad, CEO of ASME's Silicon Valley region and President of HTCS.
Biography: Insource Technology Corporation President David Black began his technology career in 1973 at Texas Instruments, where he was involved in the design of several calculator chipsets, small business computers and Winchester disk drives.
Prior to joining Compaq, Stimac was with Texas Instruments for nine years and was the head of the company's Winchester disk drive development group at the time of his departure.
com Trading Symbol: KMAG Industry: Thin-film disks for Winchester disk drives
a manufacturer of high-capacity Winchester disk drives, with global revenues of $300 million.
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