Wilson's snipe

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We collected Wilson's Snipe (n = 372) by shooting, systematically alternating between habitat types throughout the non-breeding period.
Diets of Wilson's Snipe included foods from 11 invertebrate families, one invertebrate class, one vertebrate species, and eight plant genera (Table 1).
Oligochaetes (earthworms) were the primary food item of Wilson's Snipe, representing from 33.
4-35% of the diet of male and female Wilson's Snipe.
5% of male and female Wilson's Snipe throughout the non-breeding period (Table 1).
The proportion of Wilson's Snipe containing ingesta in their UDT was greatest during fall and spring.
These apparent differences in invertebrate use between male and female Wilson's Snipe during winter may be related to differential partitioning of winter habitats (McCloskey and Thompson 2000).
Previous studies on the diet of wintering Wilson's Snipe reported high frequency of occurrence of seeds, but most discounted their importance suggesting seeds were ingested incidentally while probing for invertebrates (Erickson 1941, Whitehead 1965, White and Harris 1966, Owens 1967, Booth 1968, Jirovec 1971, Tuck 1972).