Wilson's snipe

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Listen to the call and winnowing of the Wilson's Snipe through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds" website at: www.
These included the western sandpiper, found principally in the western Coastal Plain, where it occurred equally in the Beaufort Coastal Plain and Brooks Foothills ecoregions; white-rumped sandpiper, Baird's sandpiper, and buff-breasted sandpiper, found in disjunct regions of the Coastal Plain; semipalmated plover and ruddy turnstone, found along riparian or gravel coastal areas; and whimbrel and Wilson's snipe, found in disjunct regions close to major rivers and in the Brooks Foothills ecoregion.
Information from the survey extended the known breeding ranges of green-winged teal, spotted sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper, dunlin, American golden-plover, Wilson's snipe, and short-eared owl.
common loon, Wilson's snipe, and white-crowned sparrow) and southern-reaching Arctic species (e.
Observations of Wilson's snipe extend its previously reported breeding range northward beyond the tree line (Manning, 1949; Godfrey, 1986; Mueller, 1999).
alpina 29 Wilson's snipe becassine de Gallinago delicata 35 Wilson Red-necked phalarope a bec Phalaropus lobatus 3 phalarope etroit Red phalarope phalarope a bec P.
Chronology of shorebird breeding by 18 June included nest-building by semipalmated sandpipers and dunlins, copulations among the American golden-plovers and semipalmated plovers, courtship or territory establishment among the least sandpipers and Wilson's snipes, and pairs of red-necked phalaropes.