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the capital and largest city of Lithuania

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Za pierwszego sowieta"--okupacja radziecka Wilna jesienia 1939 roku, w Wilno i swiat.
Even in the ABC books, whose form rules out expansive stories like these, unforgettable characters emerge: Vladas Drema, a ghost from Milosz's university days, whom the author meets again in Wilno in 1992 as a paralyzed old man who had devoted his life to writing a richly illustrated, comprehensive history of Wilno architecture as depicted in paintings-a book which could finally be published in 1991, in a newly independent Lithuania.
Tadeusz Konwicki's Wilno region seems the arcadia of his art, the valley of beginnings and endings.
My power is absolute, everything there belongs to one man now, who once, a student from Wilno, arrived there in a dogcart.
His brother Stanislaw (aka Cat) was connected to my grandfather's student fraternity, Konwent Polonia, at the Stefan Batory University in Wilno.
I have been to the botanical gardens in the city of Wilno.
For a while he lived in Wilno then part of Poland, now Lithuania's capital, Vilnius and increasingly became aware of what was happening nearby, just beyond Poland's eastern border, where the empire of the czars morphed bloodily into the Soviet Union.
The novel is set in the multicultural region around Vilna (Polish Wilno, Yiddish Vilne, today's Vilnius, capital of Lithuania), an area with an age-old mystique sacred to a half dozen people (at least).
budowa sieci kanalizacyjnej na osiedlu wilno iii i zadania iii.
See Henri Minczeles, Vilna, Wilno, Vilnius: La Jerusalem de Lituanie (Paris: Editions La Decouverte, 2000), 211.
Cecile Kuznitz's book focuses on the single most famous center of modern Yiddish scholarship, YIVO, which began work in Wilno (the city's Polish name, Vilna in Yiddish, today's Vilnius) in 1925.
The lights were turned off again, and there was more singing by firelight--songs of the cities over the borders in Ukraine and Lithuania and lost to Poland, including Lwow and Wilno.
Malkes was born in 1930 in Wilno (or Vilnus or Vilnius) in Lithuania.
AlvariAaAaAeA~ PDEA regional director, said Wilno C.
Growing up in Wilno (Vilnius), Lithuania (also Poland, due to shifting borders), Milosz witnessed the tragedy of wars, revolution, and fifty years of occupation.