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chinaware decorated with a blue Chinese design on a white background depicting a willow tree and often a river


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Many of Ian Westbrook's sets are absolutely spectacular, particularly inside the Emperor's palace and the stunning grand finale where it feels like you are inside a blueand-white Willow pattern.
Mountstuart to the title character, shortly before reporting Lady Busshe's sardonic remark that her wedding china gift should have been the Willow Pattern
20 Worcester The Willow pattern, more commonly known as Blue Willow, is a distinctive pattern used on kitchen or houseware.
Jasmines conjure up images of willow pattern plates, scented teas and highly scented flowers and, given a warm, sheltered corner in full sunshine, you might try the vigorous jasminum officinale with its very fragrant white flowers.
For blue and white willow pattern crockery visit www.
Editor's note: Years ago I found a delightful book titled A Tangram Tale that tells the story of the Willow pattern plate, using tangram-figures.
Q MY father found a blue and white plate with a willow pattern on when he was clearing out the cellar.
Hanging in OSU's Fairbanks Gallery are 151 white china plates, each bearing a different image painted in the cobalt palate of the classic Blue Willow pattern.
I read The Willow Pattern Story by Allan Drummond to my fourth grade class.
This is especially true of the Peking Willow (Salix matsudana Tortuosa) with its strange, twisted and contorted branches and twigs that remind you of willow pattern plates.
which was the inspiration for the blue Willow Pattern china.
Patricia O'Hara, in 'Primitive Marriage, Civilised Marriage: Anthropology, Mythology, and The Egoist', examines the collapse in Meredith's novel of the civilized present into a primitive past of egoism and wife-capture, alluded to in mythology, particularly the legend of the Blue Willow pattern which Sir Willoughby Patterne, Clara, and Vernon enact.
Or help make a jig-saw puzzle of a willow pattern plate.
Iain's Widow Twankey, "the Susan Boyle of boiling", has a wardrobe full of fabulous Chinese-themed out-fits ranging from a beautiful tiered Chinese lampshade to a Willow Pattern cupand-saucer in exquisite oriental fabrics - teamed up with Doc Martens of every colour to match.
BLUEe and white has always been a beautiful combination - think delicate willow pattern china, tasteful toile de jouy and this season''s ethnic Ikat prints in royal blues and brilliant whites.