Williams syndrome

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a rare congenital disorder associated with deletion of genetic material in chromosome 7

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2 (Figure 1B), Williams syndrome was diagnosed by the absence of the red signal on chromosome 7, region 7qu.
Assessment of Intellectual and VisuoSpatial Abilities in Children and Adults with Williams Syndrome.
Looking at risk awareness profiles, the investigators found that patients with autism and Down syndrome were less risk-aware than were their peers with Williams syndrome.
Bridging cognition, the brain and molecular genetics: Evidence from Williams syndrome.
2) Williams syndrome is a rare, genetically determined neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by mental disability, heart defects, and unusual facial features (i.
Journey from cognition to brain to gene: Perspectives from Williams syndrome.
Hemizygostiy at the elastin locus in a developmental disorder: Williams syndrome.
11 syndrome Terminal 7q duplication Distal 7q duplication syndrome Expansion of the first polyA Status dystonicus tract of ARX FLNA mutations Periventricular heterotopia interstitial deletion Williams syndrome of 7qll.
Along with other traits, people with Williams syndrome have a heightened response to happy or smiling faces and are less likely to react to aggressive or angry faces.
Strong correlation of elastin deletions, detected by Fish, with Williams syndrome : evaluation of 235 patients.
1-3) Reports suggest that this microdeletion of the elastin gene is responsible for the typical vasculopathy of the Williams syndrome, namely supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS) and pulmonary artery stenosis.
Covering brain development in children with autism, Williams syndrome, learning and language disabilities, ADHD, and cognitive deficits (in the case of infants of mothers with diabetes), Human Behavior, Learning, and the Developing Brain addresses the molecular and genetic bases of brain development, as well as neural structure and function, behavioral manifestations, and sociocultural contexts.