Williams syndrome

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a rare congenital disorder associated with deletion of genetic material in chromosome 7

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Finally, when it came to parental independence, it was the parents of patients with Williams syndrome who were most likely to leave their children alone for an extended period of time and to allow them to be with members of the opposite sex unsupervised.
5) Data are expressed as means [+ or -] SD and proportion/percentage * Student's unpaired t test and ** Fisher-Exact test for sex and Williams syndrome NS-not significant Table 3.
Through the research, the team was able to pinpoint the differences in brain processing in people with Williams syndrome compared to a range of other individuals to learn more about this unusual condition.
Molecular cytogenetic diagnosis of Williams syndrome.
Cardiovascular manifestation in 75 patients with Williams syndrome.
Sforza has written a detailed and intriguing journal of the Lenhoffs' story--how Gloria found her remarkable lyric soprano voice and how Howard fought indefatigably to attract the attention of researchers to consider the connection between musical aptitude and Williams Syndrome.
Recently, Krinsky-Mchale, Kitter, Brown, Jenkins, Devenny (2005) also found evidence that Williams syndrome can be associated with precocious aging and loss of cognitive abilities.
For example, Down syndrome and depression or dementia, Williams syndrome and anxiety, Prader-Willi syndrome and emotional lability, fragile-X and attention deficit disorder.
This paper describes a longitudinal case study detailing the communication profile of one child with both Williams syndrome (WS) and autism.
Wolff, 1995) but people with Williams syndrome, despite having intellectual deficits, do not appear to have an empathy deficit (see e.
Three-year-old Joseph was born with Williams syndrome, a random genetic condition which causes physical problems.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the pattern of neuropsychological assets and deficits that characterizes NLD is evident in a wide variety of pediatric neurological diseases and disorders such as Asperger syndrome (Ellis & Gunter, 1999; Klin, Volkmar, Sparrow, Cicchetti, & Rourke, 1995), early shunted hydrocephalus (Fletcher, Brookshire, Bohan, Brandt, & Davidson, 1995), velocardiofacial syndrome (Fuerst, Dool, & Rourke, 1995), and Williams syndrome (Anderson & Rourke, 1995).
Coach Chuck McFarland, 50, brought 15 power lifters from Jackson County, including his 29-year-old son, Chad, who has Williams syndrome, a learning disability.
Among its many unusual symptoms, the genetic disorder called Williams syndrome robs people of depth perception and the ability to visualize how different parts assemble into larger objects, as in a simple jigsaw puzzle.
Captain Meirion Jones' CharityTeam Stableford raised pounds 2, 447 for The Williams Syndrome Foundation.