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a Swiss patriot who lived in the early 14th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer


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David Kempster in the Welsh National Opera's William Tell <B
William Tell and Moses in Egypt, which will be staged within the same scenic environment, continue the Company's Bel Canto series.
WNO's new season opens with a performance of William Tell at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on September 12.
In the Adventures of William Tell (ITV, 1958/59), our hero, played by Conrad Phillips, first stirs Gessler's wrath by successfully dodging a death sentence when he shoots an arrow through the apple on the head of his son Walter (Richard Rogers).
A WOMAN ended up with a kebab skewer stuck in her head after a man tried to impress her with his William Tell act.
Mick Channon's rich vein of form continued with a 32-1 double thanks to William Tell and Mahmjra at Southwell yesterday, both ridden by Ted Durcan.
The Air Force's first William Tell air-to-air competition in 8 years took flight at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Fla.
Eight years have passed since fighter pilots last "locked on" to "enemy" targets and dueled in the skies over the Gulf of Mexico during a William Tell exercise.
This time he added a one-hour burlesque of Schiller's play William Tell (the mythical fourteenth-century hero who freed Switzerland from foreign control), staged every evening of the show's run by French thesp Gwenael Morin; a lecture each day at four by Berlin philosopher Marcus Steinweg (Hirschhorn's in-house mouthpiece); and a photocopied journal, made daily on-site until the show's January 30 closing, with extracts from Steinweg's lectures, philosophical tracts, and paper works by Hirschhorn.
Burroughs in Mexico writing his first novel, Junk, and killing his lover in William Tell fashion.
The legend of William Tell has survived for seven centuries.
International Tire & Rubber Association, Regional Commercial Tire Service Technician Training & Certification Seminar, William Tell Holiday Inn, Countryside (Chicago), IL, ITRA (800) 426-8835 - February 20-21.
Its programme will include Mendelssohn's Symphony No 3 (the Scottish Symphony) and Rossini's William Tell Overture.
Dozens of people are fed up with the sound of the the William Tell Overture on a section in the Californian desert.
Youthful compositions by Mendelssohn and Bizet as well as Rossini's William Tell Overture - and all that went on concerning the subject's son.