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a Swiss patriot who lived in the early 14th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer


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William Tell was made in the late 1950's, made in black and white, and now looks a bit clunky around the edges, but back then it was one of the tea-time television treats that awaited me when I got home from school.
July 6 ( ANI ): American television personality Lauren Conrad welcomed his baby boy, Liam James, with husband William Tell.
David Kempster in the Welsh National Opera's William Tell <B
William Tell and Moses in Egypt, which will be staged within the same scenic environment, continue the Company's Bel Canto series.
He is working with the Cardiff-based company's chorus on Rossini's William Tell and Moses in Egypt and Bizet's Carmen.
The best of your emails and texts Spot the masked man Read in the Post today that Kempton will be playing the William Tell overture during a race on July 8.
HORSES are to gallop around a racecourse as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra belts out the William Tell Overture.
The orchestra, conducted by Barbara Bancroft, will play Mendelssohn's Symphony No 3 (the Scottish Symphony) and Rossini's William Tell Overture.
The quarry, of course, was William Tell, a 14th-century Robin Hood with a yodel, who was battling to free his fellow Swiss from the yoke of Austrian tyranny, as represented by the fat man, Landburgher Gessler, played by Willoughby Goddard.
Often explosive and dynamic, but always clear and concise, Mehta stamps his authority on a variety of pieces from Star Wars to Bolero, the William Tell Overture to Holst's Planets.
A WOMAN ended up with a kebab skewer stuck in her head after a man tried to impress her with his William Tell act.
Mick Channon's rich vein of form continued with a 32-1 double thanks to William Tell and Mahmjra at Southwell yesterday, both ridden by Ted Durcan.
The Air Force's first William Tell air-to-air competition in 8 years took flight at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Fla.
Eight years have passed since fighter pilots last "locked on" to "enemy" targets and dueled in the skies over the Gulf of Mexico during a William Tell exercise.
This time he added a one-hour burlesque of Schiller's play William Tell (the mythical fourteenth-century hero who freed Switzerland from foreign control), staged every evening of the show's run by French thesp Gwenael Morin; a lecture each day at four by Berlin philosopher Marcus Steinweg (Hirschhorn's in-house mouthpiece); and a photocopied journal, made daily on-site until the show's January 30 closing, with extracts from Steinweg's lectures, philosophical tracts, and paper works by Hirschhorn.