William Howard Taft

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27th President of the United States and later chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1857-1930)

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William Taft, who was president from 1909-1913, owned a Baker Electric.
William Taft got stuck in the bath on his Inauguration Day, as he was obese, and had to be levered out.
Yes, this has been a long time coming for Denver since the last Democratic National Convention in 1908, when William Bryan ran against William Taft, but this could not have come at a better time for the metro-area real estate market.
William Taft was the heaviest US president, weighing in at 20 stone
Kennedy and William Taft and legendary civil-rights activist Medgar Evers.
The next President, William Taft, converted the stables into a garage for the first White House cars.
Since 1975, the press and research and scientific journal authors and others have largely abandoned the use of the FOIA," William Taft, then-general counsel for the Department of Defense, told a Senate committee back in 1981.