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United States writer best known for his novels (born in 1925)


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Meanwhile, at a Prozac-sponsored event entitled "A Conference with William Styron," the author's truth-telling about the effects of the drug lead to the conference's ostensible focus being sidelined, sans microphone, while the company spokesman takes over.
There was, however, a dark side to this purity of vision: William Styron could be an insufferable snob.
Wolfe's shifting standing in William Styron's estimation is evidenced in Selected Letters of William Styron, edited by Rose Styron with R.
SOPHIE'S CHOICE BY WILLIAM STYRON The tragic holocaust tale, adapted into a film starring Meryl Streep, is about a woman forced by a Nazi soldier to pick one of her children to save, and one to die in the gas chambers.
Without them, one wonders what William Styron or Thomas Wolfe, who spent only short spans of their careers in Brooklyn, would be doing in this lot.
Open Road has digitally published and marketed ebooks from authors such as James Jones, William Styron, Pat Conroy, Josephine Hart and Scott Spencer; mystery, thrillers and crime fiction writers including Carl Hiaasen and Jack Higgins; writers of non-fiction like James Gleick and Rachel Carson; and children's authors such as Virginia Hamilton.
Es la unica vez que William Styron y Gay Talese se cruzan en letra imprenta, por lo menos a juzgar por los textos de estas dos curiosas --y curiosamente complementarias-- antologias.
Gaines, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, Katherine Anne Porter, Margaret Walker, William Styron, and Arna Bontemps.
In Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness (NY: Random, 1990), William Styron relates his descent into depression and eventual recovery from despair.
Detractors considered him an intellectual bully and he feuded with fellow authors such as TRUMAN CAPOTE, WILLIAM STYRON, TOM WOLFE and NORMAN PODHORETZ.
William Styron and Kurt Vonnegut tweaked our intellects, stimulated our imaginations, awakened out muses, enriched out leisure and sometimes even changed our lives.
Humes, Norman Mailer, William Styron, George Plimpton, Timothy Leary, Paul Auster, Russell Hemenway.
WHEN I WAS AN UNDERGRADUATE, in the 1960s, filled with dreams about the art I might try to make and terrified by the worries such dreaming brought with it, I wrote William Styron a letter.
PULITZER Prize winning novelist William Styron, author of Sophie's Choice, has died of pneumonia in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts at 81.
William Styron, the US author of novels including Sophie's Choice, has died of pneumonia in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, US.