William Rose Benet

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United States writer


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Her third husband, William Rose Benet, edited Wylie's Collected Poems (1932), Collected Prose (1933), and Last Poems (1943).
Pulitzer prizes were awarded for the following: fiction, In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow; biography, Crusader in Crinoline by Forrest Wilson; history, Reveille in Washington by Margaret Leech; poetry, The Dust Which Is God by William Rose Benet.
William Rose Benet wrote a poem called "Jesse James" describing the bandit's career.
A weekly literary review founded in 1924 by <IR> HENRY SEIDEL CANBY </IR> , <IR> CHRISTOPHER MORLEY </IR> , Amy Loveman, and <IR> WILLIAM ROSE BENET </IR> .
But it also published much serious writing by contributors who included William Rose Benet, Frank Harris, Elinor Wylie, Lord Dunsany, William Butler Yeats, F.