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United States explorer who (with Meriwether Lewis) led an expedition from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River


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As president of the society, Thomas Jefferson hired William Clark to conduct this new search.
and allied military around the globe," said William Clark, president and CEO, Savi Technology.
What began as a joke helped William Clark, a teacher at the GEMS World Academy, challenge Tae Woong-jeong, a grade five pupil, to sing on stage.
The judging panel consists of seasoned limerick writer and author William Clark, professional poet and published author Christine Miller, as well as Hallmark's own editorial team.
William Clark is Schmitz's attorney and said he will appeal Davis' order to a district judge.
Louis to the Pacific and back again: York (William Clark's slave), Meriwether Lewis, Seaman (the Newfoundland dog), William Clark and George Drouillard (interpreter and guide).
Llyfr o straeon ydi o am Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, tua 30 o ddynion eraill, un ferch a babi deithiodd i fyny'r Missouri.
HT2 William Clark performs a braze qualification test in the machine shop of USS Nimitz (CVN 68).
But it wasn't until 1807, when William Clark collected roughly 300 fossils for President Thomas Jefferson, that the wider world recognized this paleontological treasure trove.
William Clark was allowed out of Leverndale Hospital in Glasgow on condition he did not take drugs as they could make him violent.
William Clark turns to his exploring mate Meriwether Lewis and proclaims, ``My God, did we take a wrong turn.
So it is perhaps forgivable that publicity for this exhibit seems to overstate the number of items that might actually have been handled, say, by Meriwether Lewis or William Clark, or by any members of the expedition that left St.
In May 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, America's most famous same-sex coupling, led 45 men up the Missouri River with the purpose of exploring the newly acquired lands of the Louisiana Purchase and the goal of reaching the Pacific Ocean.
William Clark is best known as the American explorer who joined Meriwether Lewis in heading an overland expedition to the Pacific: but as William Foley demonstrates in Wilderness Journey: The Life Of William Clark, how William Clark has many more claims to fame than his explorations with Meriwether Lewis.