William Butterfield

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English architect who designed many churches (1814-1900)


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It is also less than 20 feet from the St Augustine's Church, which is a grade II listed church designed by William Butterfield, the renowned Victorian architect.
of Tennessee), and William Butterfield (formerly social work, Washington U.
The organ was designed by William Butterfield, who also carried out work on the 14th Century Grade II listed church.
With Robert Smirke (architect of the British Museum) following in 1853, Viollet-le-Duc in 1864 and William Butterfield in 1884, the annual award has only been suspended twice: first in 1901 following Victoria's death, and again in 1924 when it was declined by the nominee.
Ms Clarke's husband David Thomas, an architect, said the church was one of only two examples he knew of in Wales of the work of renowned architect William Butterfield.
Of course, villagers in Christleton are proud of St James' Church, designed by the eminent architect, William Butterfield.
Hausfeld LLP attorneys working on this case are Michael Hausfeld, Brent Landau, Hilary Scherrer, William Butterfield, and Melinda Coolidge.
William Butterfield, director of USAID Lebanon's economic growth office, said the project is an investment in rural tourism.
Once the most maligned of British architects, William Butterfield is now, in his bicentenary year, rightly celebrated as a great Victorian innovator.
It was the underestimated church architect, F C Eden (1864 -1944) a pupil of William Butterfield and G F Bodley, who took Dykes Bower under his wing and took him off to look at churches in Northern Italy.
The building was designed by the architect William Butterfield and built by the celebrated Huddersfield builder Joseph Kaye.