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The Lyndons' only child, a son whom they named William Augustus, was born in 1874.
The Spencer Collection of illustrated books in fine bindings came to the Library in 1913 after the death of William Augustus Spencer on the Titanic.
The monastery was built in the 1730s on the site of a Hanoverian fort and named after William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.
William Augustus Bowles of Frederick County, Maryland who became the director of the Creek Indian natives after the war,
In chapter eight the author describes in detail the fate of some Maryland Loyalists: William Augustus Bowles, Robert Alexander and James Chalmers.
William Augustus Bowles rekindled in London, England his friendship with Benjamin Baynton, the former Pennsylvania Loyalist lieutenant with whom he had served at Pensacola.
There the French, on May 11, 1745, defeated an allied army under William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765), a son of George II.
WILLIAM AUGUSTUS CONWAY was an undistinguished nineteenth-century actor whose career was so undermined by Theodore Hook's criticisms in John Bull that he abandoned the stage.
They also provided invaluable assistance during the 1800-1803 guerrilla warfare provoked by an invasion by William Augustus Bowles and his Indian allies.
Sources: Charteris, Evan, William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland: His Early Life and Times.
and Ray Bierly of Tarpon Springs, FL; step daughter and son-in-law Cynthia and Ronald Brown, step son Todd Goodwin, all of Woodstock, CT; step son and daughter-in-law Mark and Janet Goodwin of Sutton, MA; step daughter Wendy Goodwin of Pittsfield, MA; step daughter and son-in-law Rebecca and William Augustus of Sutton, MA; grandchildren, Cassidy, Corey, Benjamin, Jonathan, Ryan, Jacquelyn, Jamie, Lauren, Dina, Lisa and Jeff with two great-grandchildren, Grant and Brittany.
William Augustus Bowles was born in 1763 in Frederick, on the Maryland frontier to Thomas and Eleanor Bowles, immigrants from London.
The Cherokee Frontier, the French Revolution and William Augustus Bowles.
1700-1800: Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65) was given the nickname 'Butcher' for the merciless manner in which he defeated the Young Pretender, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.
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