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United States advocate of temperance and women's suffrage (1839-1898)

United States educator who was an early campaigner for higher education for women (1787-1870)

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Many of these statistics are sadly mind-blowing and I hope the extra attention we generate will help alleviate these problems," Willard continued.
This is the third contract awarded to Willard Marine by the U.
OPERATIC superstar Sir Willard White is to appear in Hudderseld with the New Mill Male Voice Choir, it was announced this week.
Actually Snitcherinos, King John has on several occasions in the past reminded listeners of his Palestinian heritage--in fact his daddy was born and raised in Jerusalem, the very city that Willard insists will be recognized as the capital of Israel when and if he becomes prexy.
Actor Fred Willard said Monday the behavior that led to his lewd conduct arrest last week at a Hollywood adult film theater was much more tame than Los Angeles police claim.
This statue of Jamaican track ace Usain Bolt, crafted by acclaimed micro-sculptor Willard Wigan, is smaller than a full stop.
Willard is also in charge of the finances of the 128 venues that Live Nation owns or operates as a concert promoter, such as the House of Blues franchise, the Fillmore brand and the Hollywood Palladium.
When a laptop or smartphone is stolen, the thief can easily gain access to sensitive data, including telephone numbers, bank account numbers, emails, text messages, passwords, privileged company information, and much more," explained Ken Willard, CEO.
ONE of the world's greatest singers, Sir Willard White, will be among the soloists at a concert in Warwickshire tomorrow.
2, The Register-Guard printed a letter by Nancy Willard outlining the evils of the alternative schools.
Robert Willard, agreed Tuesday to work closely on the planned relocation of the U.
He suffers from whatever illness nursing instructor Kathy Willard decides is needed to help her students learn how to handle traumatic critical patients.
Joining the 90 strong choir for their 50th Anniversary Concert will be the eminent bass baritone Sir Willard White.
Washington, June 18 (ANI): Bigfoot expert Billy Willard says he is on the verge of discovering the most fabled of cryptozoic beasts.
WHEN Jack Dempsey battered Jess Willard in Toledo, Ohio, in 1919, to become one of the great heavyweight champions of the 20th century, he set a record.
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