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United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947)

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Seeking life whole; Willa Cather and the Brewsters.
Perriman, an author and former teacher, examines the relationship between Willa Cather and modern dance by documenting how this author was inspired to train as a leading balletomane after Anna Pavlova's debut at the Met in 1910.
We empower writers to join the ranks of authors like the Bronte sisters, Willa Cather, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Wolf and James Joyce, all of whom self-published at one point in their careers.
Howard, Willa Cather, Clarence Mulford, Gerturde Atherton, and John G.
Remembering Cather for Life Magazine in 1951, David Scherman declared, "Today, in a time that finds America rediscovering its literary greats (Melville, James, Fizgerald), Willa Cather, who died in 1947, stands among them as a novelist whose works are unmatched for clear beauty and a kinship with the American pioneer spirit.
Shadow," the first single from Past Time, progresses with cordial guitars and pastoral harmonies, welcoming echoes from the prairie fields of a Willa Cather novel.
Yesterday I broke up Willa Cather with a 1952 hockey novel for boys (Scrubs on Skates) written by Scott Young.
When Alice Munro's Recent collection, The View from Castle Rock, appeared in 2006, some of its reviews had an intriguing echo of the critique Willa Cather received from Granville Hicks and Lionel Trilling in the 1930s.
Named for Willa Cather, she was reading "O Pioneers
1913), The Song of the Lark (1915), One of Ours (1922), and A Lost Lady (1923)--the Nebraska novels that define Willa Cather for many readers.
Although Frank Norris, Theodore Dreiser, and Edith Wharton are considered naturalists, Hamlin Garland typically a regionalist, and Willa Cather a modernist, Pizer's useful, if terse, study brings them together for their shared participation in antisemitic culture, despite their erstwhile commitments to progressive reform and enlightened values in other social areas.
Of a 4th generation Nebraskan woman who navigates humbled visitors through a Capitol towering and stretching out its political and legal gothic bones in the sacred mausoleum darkness of a Saturday late afternoon, of Willa Cather and Wild Bill lining up the Italian and Belgian marbled Hall of Fame into a central nave protected by all 8 virtues offering in the transept wings the East and West Chambers and 2 sets of carved doors through which we all have crossed to arrive here and now, but so often, have chosen to forget: Men and Women of Assyria, tamers of wheat and barley, and Native Americans with fellow otter and turtle, sun and moon.
I was pleased to discover written sketches by Willa Cather (famous for her novels about American frontier life) describing her visit here and Edward VII's coronation.