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fictional character created by Charles Dickens


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WILKINS Micawber appears in Charles Dickens's 1850 novel David Copperfield.
To resolve the perennial problems of Wilkins Micawber, Dickens shipped him to Australia where the character met with much success and even became the governor of one area.
places dedicated and honest people in positions of power, turns the morose, such as Wilkins Micawber, Junior, into the cheerful and witty, and generally wipes away all tears.
He has spun the eternally optimistic Wilkins Micawber into a new series for David Jason, who looked uncomfortable in period costume.
What does it say that, in the year 2000, double Oscar winners Sally Field and Maggie Smith both played David Copperfield's benevolent aunt Betsey Trotwood while the ever optimistic Wilkins Micawber gets renderings by Bob Hoskins and ``Seinfeld's'' Michael Richards, each trying to live down the shadow of filmdom's most memorable Micawber, W.
Wilkins Micawber Bob Hoskins Aunt Betsey Trotwood Maggie Smith Mr.
In literature it is sometimes used for comic effect, as by Charles Dickens in the speech of the character Wilkins Micawber, who appears in David Copperfield .
His villainy is finally uncovered by Wilkins Micawber, whom he has used as a pawn, and he is forced to make restitution.
Wilkins Micawber was modelled on his own father John, for example, while the ghastly Uriah Heep echoed Dickens' time as an articled clerk.
Fact is, they're surfing a wave of optimism and such is their mood they make Wilkins Micawber look like Victor Meldrew.
All means must be explored to avert conflict but Britain cannot stand by and hope, like Wilkins Micawber, for something to turn up.
Jason plays Wilkins Micawber, chronicling the adventures of Charles Dickens' popular character in the days before he appeared in the novel David Copperfield.
MICAWBER (ITV1) David Jason also stars as Dickens' eternal optimist Wilkins Micawber.
50pm DAVID JASON takes the lead role as Charles Dickens' jovial and loveable optimist Wilkins Micawber in the first of a four-part family drama.
Wilkins Micawber featured in David Copperfield but now he embarks on more adventures in the style of Charles Dickens.