Wilkes Land

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a coastal region of Antarctica on the Indian Ocean to the south of Australia

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97 miles, was measured 250 miles from the coast in Wilkes Land, Antarctica, in January 1975
However, our understanding of soil formation in East Antarctica changed with the publication of soil data from the Casey Station area, Wilkes Land (66 [degrees] 17'S, 111 [degrees] 32'E; Figs 1 and 2) (Blume and Bolter 1993).
The sites and soils are located south of the Australian Casey Station on Bailey Peninsula (66[degrees]17'S, 110[degrees]32'E) at Wilkes Land in coastal East Antarctica, about 700 m from the shore (Fig.
Proposals for a soil classification in Wilkes Land are summarised in Table 8.
Based on new findings in Wilkes Land near Casey Station (Blume and Bolter 1996; Blume et al.
A comparison of airborne alkaline pollution damage in selected lichens and mosses at Casey Station, Wilkes Land.
Field lines flow out of a magnetic pole near the coast of Wilkes Land, Antarctica, are above the planet, and then dive back down into a second magnetic pole in arctic Canada.