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The fifth volume in a series devoted to the campaigns of the Civil War, this book illustrates the Wilderness Campaign and related cavalry operations in May 1864 through 24 sets containing 120 maps, with description of the units, individuals, movements, and combat for each.
Despite the thorough coverage already given the Wilderness campaign by the books of Gordon Rhea, John Michael Priest, and Edward Steere, some specific aspects of the fighting have been nicely highlighted by the essays in this latest collection edited by Gary Gallagher.
She began her first work with the environment movement in 1993, when she joined The Wilderness Society and its and wilderness campaign.
In fact, the Utah wilderness campaign had been lavishly funded by environmental supporters with this end in mind.
Principal battles: First Bull Run (Manassas, Virginia) (1861); South Mountain, Antietam (both in Maryland), Fredericksburg (1862); Wilderness Campaign, Petersburg (all in Virginia) (1864).
Frontier Airlines and The Wilderness Society will be celebrating America's wilderness through the my wilderness campaign.
The wilderness campaign is supported by environmental organizations, but is being led by Trout Unlimited with assistance from other hunting and fishing groups.
Among the most notable who have placed them selves literally in the crucible, in Baghdad as the war clouds roll in, is Kathy Kelly, who has taken her 20th trip to Iraq since her Voices in the Wilderness campaign to end the sanctions and avert further war in Iraq began in 1996.