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Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)

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Only a few devoted friends stay with Wilde when his sickness prevents him from producing any more work.
Oscar Wilde is, quite correctly, held up as a gay icon who railed against the ignorance and prejudice of those who would deny the authenticity and appropriateness of love between two men.
Now, Wilde is inviting women and men of all generations into her world, and she gives them a lot to see and soak in.
Alex Bozman, prosecuting, said: "That was opened by Mr Wilde and some of the letters contained cheques.
In it, Wilde dedicates about one-third of the entire text to a reflection on what will be his "new life," and the result is an intricate, multifaceted spiritual treatise that can and should serve as both the literal and interpretative center for Wilde's text.
Dean Palmer, Wilde Automotive's vice president said, Offering full-service insurance products is one more way to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the marketplace .
From mid-1958 to the end of 1959, Wilde was one of the leading British rock and roll singers, along with Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard.
Prospect Genius will be using a variety of proven Internet advertising techniques on Wilde Plumbing's behalf.
Wilde, who is engaged to Jason Sudeikis, thinks that she has done a wonderful job of creating a new life.
At Oxford, young Wilde adopted the extravagant garb and philosophy of "beauty above all" that established him as an Aesthete.
e Trials of Oscar Wilde is a play written by his grandson, Merlin Holland, the sole executor of his estate and author of e Real trials of Oscar Wilde.
The Modern Art of Influence and the Spectacle of Oscar Wilde.
Donohue points out "how much care, effort, and determination [Oscar Wilde] devoted to getting it right" ("Translator's Preface" xii) during the composition and revision process, as evidenced in three surviving manuscript drafts and the first book version (seen and edited by four friends in Paris: Stuart Merrill, Adolphe Rette, Marcel Schwob, and Pierre Louys, to whom Wilde dedicated the French Salome).
Beyond plays and bons mots, Oscar Wilde may be best remembered for the two years he spent in prison for "gross indecency"--sex with men.
On 27 may 1895, oscar Wilde was sentenced under the Criminal Law Amendment act of 1885 to two years hard labor for "committing acts of gross indecency with other male persons.