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Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)

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Dean Palmer, Wilde Automotive's vice president said, Offering full-service insurance products is one more way to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the marketplace .
From mid-1958 to the end of 1959, Wilde was one of the leading British rock and roll singers, along with Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard.
Marty Wilde will be at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on August 20 at 7.
Wilde is six years McGann's senior at 27 and is looking to bounce back after suffering his first career defeat back in November to Sean Carter.
8220;Our goal is to get more people to visit Wilde Plumbing's Web site, where they can learn about everything the company has to offer.
Wilde is not taking many films projects currently, but she will soon start work on her impending film projects.
Egged on by his lover (and Queensberry's son) Lord Alfred Douglas, Wilde took legal action against the Marquis who was arrested for criminal libel.
Trevor Wilde says, "We want our clients to be financially and emotionally prepared for retirement, understanding all their options, so they can create satisfying post-corporate lives.
Her study regularly balances a tricky rhetorical line: she is able to present overviews of biographical details, texts and contexts detailed enough for the reader unfamiliar with Wilde's life, but brief enough so as to avoid seeming tedious to Wilde scholars.
Not all Wilde scholars will agree with Donohue's decision to leave the Douglas-Wilde translation behind, of course.
A general survey is provided of some of the various fairy tale writers, such as Hans Andersen and Charles Perrault, that Wilde draws upon in his own work.
It is hard to imagine anyone more mimetic as a writer than the young Oscar Wilde, whose slim early volumes of poetry were justly lambasted by the critics for their all-pervasive echoes of other poets, their complete lack of originality, their unselfconscious and unacknowledged literary borrowings.
There are so many ways in which the works of Oscar Wilde may be understood and interpreted; that statement testifies to the richness and complexity of his work, and yet there is more, because he is one of the very few writers who really evade definition and compartmentalising.
Matlock Town 0 Chester 1 A GOAL midway through the second half from substitute Michael Wilde kept Chester's promotion quest on track, and extended the club's lead at the top of the Evo-Stik Premier League to eight points.
More lives than one; the remarkable Wilde family through the generations.