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a spectacular show organized in 1883 by William F. Cody that featured horseback riding and marksmanship on a large scale

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McNenly also expands her study to include twenty-first century Indian performers in the Disneyland Paris Wild West Show.
TAKES ALL SORTS Brass in Durham City; right, a wild west show at South Shields Summer Festival
Oakley became famous for her marksmanship while travelling in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
19 Who was the markswoman from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, the subject of an Irving Berlin musical?
The 200-piece Buffalo Bill Wild West Show exhibition opens on October 22, 2011.
Payne and his son Lynn left Chicago on December 14 by cargo plane bound for Muscat, transporting 18 animals, including three bison, seven horses, and several longhorn cattle used in their spectacular Wild West show.
A TEESSIDE author has written a Gone With The Wind-style yarn about a Middlesbrough man who not only fought in the American Civil War, but also had a connection with Buffalo Bill's famous Wild West Show.
The guns and holsters this year are a tribute to Roy Rogers and the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show.
Susan Stevens Crummel's TEN-GALLON BART AND THE WILD WEST SHOW (9780761453918, $16.
Before he became famous as a performer in his Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill was a household name just from leading a troupe of traveling actors across the country performing frontier melodramas.
MERCURY readers who wrote in with memories passed down to them of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show might like to take a look at family history site findmypast.
Bishop, saw the Buffalo Bill Wild West show and Congress of Roughriders in England.
Dear Editor, I remember my parents reminiscing about Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show which I think was held on the Serpentine ground at Aston (Freeze frame, Post Feb 2).
In a story that felt to me like Jane Eyre meets a Wild West Harry Potter, Sam Lambert, an American sharpshooter from Kiowa Bob's Wild West Show, is recruited by the Glasscastle University in England to help with a top-secret magic project.
Taking place in the year 1888, Black Elk In Paris follows the lives of Phillipe Normand and the young Madou Balise as their decision to help the poor state of an Oglala Indian named Choice which they encounter at a Wild West show touring Europe.