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Further down the path, into the wood, we came across the mazard - one of our wild cherries - its long branches festooned with flowers.
Immediately after pouring, it starts changing, evolving into even more complex flavors: spices, wild cherries and sweet, red fruit.
I'd managed to keep up my hire purchase payments on my Ludwig grey stripe drum kit and found the occasional semi-pro gig, including a stint with ex-colleagues Nicky James and Phil Ackrill in Nicky James and the Wild Cherries.
The cherry tree survey is focusing on nine of the types found in the UK, including wild cherries (Prunus avium) and morello cherries (Prunus cerasus) which are cultivated for their fruit.
Gardeners will spot the plants including wild cherries and snowdrops flowering early, will cut lawns earlier and will grow different vegetables.