domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Face of a killer Huddersfield man David Howells Wife murderer fails to pay pounds 19,000 costs
Since the Morse series ended last autumn with the grumpy detective's death, Whately has embarked on a series of extremely dark roles including playing a peeping Tom and a wife murderer.
In the closing scene, the wife murderer sees himself as no better than the Muslims he has waged war against: he is a circumcised dog; the Muslim in himself must be punished by the Christian.
The Unsolved Homicide Database was set up last summer after the cold-case convictions of wife murderer Malcolm Webster and serial killer Peter Tobin.
WIFE murderer Eddie Gilfoyle last night launched a bid for a third appeal against his conviction.
THE dad of wife murderer Joe O'Reilly last night said he will ask his son: "Did you kill Rachel?
Over the years she was knocked down by a horsestealing conman, imprisoned for protesting against the local haulage company and targeted by a double wife murderer who tried to drive her over a cliff.
Preble, the ineffectual would-be wife murderer (``Why don't we go down to the cellar?
JAILED wife murderer Adrian Prout yesterday made a dramatic phone call to his fiance - and begged her to stand by him.
A WIFE murderer who says prison chiefs are blocking his bid for an Open University degree yesterday launched a legal bid for his"human rights".