domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Of the various young men interviewed throughout Namibia, most felt that wife beating was acceptable, especially in circumstances like cheating.
The 2012 KgDHS obtained information on women's attitudes toward wife beating by asking respondents their opinion on whether a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife in each of the following circumstances: if she burns the food, if she argues with him, if she goes out without telling him, if she neglects the children, and if she refuses to have sexual intercourse with him.
Washington, June 13 ( ANI ): A Kuwaiti cleric has said Islam allows for wife beatings if she suffers from a mental disorder, such as masochism.
The proportion of respondents who thought that wife beating was justified in at least one situation (i.
A table run by Human Life International, an ultra-conservative Catholic group, passed out a pamphlet equating the use of contraceptives with wife beating.
He comments ``The Bible also condones slavery and wife beating .
Tinsman's study of wife beating departs from the industrial world discussed in the other essays - she explores rural as well as urban Chilean households - and focuses more on the personal repercussions of women's search for independence.
At the end of a week which saw Gazza accused of wife beating and blasted for his dismissal in Amsterdam, Walter Smith kept faith with his troubled star, playing him against Aberdeen at Ibrox yesterday.
For example, in Palau, Nero argues, alcohol is implicated in wife beating - drinking is seen as 'time-out' and people are not held responsible for actions while drunk.
Wife beating is said (erroneously) to skyrocket on Super Bowl Sunday; divorce skirmishes routinely result in child-abuse charges; the business owner is subject to myriad social regulations that - when inevitably crossed - criminalize the act of producing output to be consumed by one's fellow man.
Doggett establishes the relationship between wife beating, coverture, and the fiction of marital unity, and then uses it to examine the changing law regarding wife beating in Victorian England.
She found that those who lived in urban areas, and who had more education, were more likely to reject wife beating than those who lived in rural areas and who had relatively less education.
4), but their role in making household financial decisions and attitude toward wife beating were not related to testing.
Far be it from me to suggest that Shakespeare was condoning wife beating in Taming Of The Shrew or murder in the Scottish play, and what was Tennessee Williams up to with his Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ?
Women's acceptance of wife beating was found to be especially high in the Caprivi Region (71%) and among the San population (94%).