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HUNDREDS of primary pupils were evacuated yesterday after false widow spiders infested two schools.
False widow spiders were introduced to Britain more than 100 years ago, according to the Natural History Museum.
A NEST of venomous black widow spiders was found inside a bunch of grapes bought at a supermarket in Leamington.
Nichole said she jumped when she noticed the spider, drawing the attention of colleagues who went on to take pictures of it and identify it as a false widow spider by looking online.
The attack comes nearly 10 months after a series of false widow spider attacks throughout the country last October.
A YOUNG mum has spoken of her fears following the death of her family's beloved pet rabbit - apparently after a bite from a false widow spider.
The false widow spider suspects turned out to live up to their name.
Enter the false widow spider, the tiny (smaller than a 20p coin) beastie apparently recently responsible for everything from a man nearly losing his leg, to a football player having to have emergency surgery, to the actual closure of a school.
A BODYBUILDER has told of his ongoing health nightmare after being bitten by false widow spider.
The offender in question is Steatoda nobilis - the Noble False Widow spider, immediately dubbed by the media as the 'British Black Widow'.
indistinctus and other black widow spider species are occasionally found in suburban gardens and bites have occurred inside homes, they are predominantly veld species.
In order to test these two general explanations for the male courtship display, we investigated the courtship behavior of the white widow spider, Latrodectus pallidas O.
We now have caterpillars that can harm the respiratory system here in the UK and experts believe it could only be a matter of time before the deadly Black Widow spider invades our shores.