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a community of followers of the Wicca religion

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the polytheistic nature religion of modern witchcraft whose central deity is a mother goddess

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Don Lewis of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, Abby Willowroot of Spiral Goddess Grove, Raven Digitalis, Arch Priestess Stephanie Leon Neal, Alan Salmi, and A.
And I dedicated it to Whacker rather than Wicca, just to be on the safe side, as Whacker is a mate of mine and would never knowingly set me on fire.
The bishop claimed pagans hoping to use occult powers "for good, for healing and for love" had led the wicca revival.
Sympathetic magistrates accepted he was a genuine follower of the religion of Wicca - or white witchcraft.
Air Force Academy here attempted more openness earlier this month by announcing it had set up a worship space for followers of "Earth-centered" religions such as Wicca and Druidism.
Even if you don't believe in Wicca, the wisdom of witches is still useful.
To add some "bling" to his novel, he researched the Wicca religion, and elements of it are woven into the story.
Any interested in the words and philosophy of Wicca and magic will find MAGIC WORDS a fascinating dictionary packed with magic words and phrases from around the world.
McQuaide's (1999) case study involves a Wiccan client; Kennedy (2003) provided a brief overview of Neo-Paganism for counselors; and Wicca is briefly described in Canda and Furman (1999).
She breaks her arm tripping over her altar; the Wicca ceremony in the park turns out to be an AA meeting; and when she and her best friend Lisa try to channel the spirit of Michael Reddear, the boy who killed himself, nothing happens.
So there was an almost audible sigh of relief from the sold-out Apollo when the band stepped out on stage and launched straight into dark and foreboding new track Wicca.
This is all the more reason to applaud Skim as it manages to conjure a variety of tag words--like (first) love, friendship, suicide, family, goth, Wicca, depression and homosexuality--without losing focus, and without seeming insincere.
THE STUDY OF WITCHCRAFT: A GUIDEBOOK TO ADVANCED WICCA provides a compendium of facts for Wiccan practitioners who want to further their knowledge and insights into their traditions.
Ever since Salem, we know that Wicca has publicly hissed at naysayers of the "polymorphous and polycultural Avalon" (never mind the consumerist platform), so this kind of mall will likely have Cruella De Ville or the Wicked Witch of the West humming along to AC/DC as they stroll the cape-and-cauldron aisles, rather than, say, suburban soccer moms.
Some committee members expressed concern about the call "to appreciate" traditions such as Wicca and Paganism.