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insurance on the life of the insured for a fixed amount at a definite premium that is paid each year in the same amount during the entire lifetime of the insured

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As per to the announcement the deal indicates 60 % of a closed block of participating whole life insurance policies from John Hancock and comprises above $11 billion in liabilities.
In almost all respects other than the premium paying period, limited pay policies have the contract features and characteristics of ordinary level premium whole life insurance policies.
Whole life insurance policies are often popular among consumers close to retirement age.
Conversely, the cost of term life may be much greater than whole life if an individual exceeds the life expectancy used for underwriting the whole life insurance policies.
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that a plan, in which an employer purchased whole life insurance policies for employees, was "funded" for ERISA purposes because the insurance policies were not made available to the general creditors of the employer and the insurance policies created a res separate and apart from the general assets of the employer.
For whole life insurance policies, the gift tax value is the policy's interpolated terminal reserve value plus any premiums the owner had paid that covered the period after the date of the gift.
According to Gary Kimata, regional director for Manulife Financial, traditional whole life insurance policies, vanilla investments with their guarantees and conservative cash savings, have gone the way of the buffalo.
Sagicor's FSR is unaffected by this transaction, which is expected to add scale through the acquisition of approximately 10,000 term and whole life insurance policies.
Whole life insurance policies, on the other hand, carry more value and security.
New York Life announced that it has completed the acquisition, through reinsurance, of a net 60% interest in John Hancock Financial's closed block, comprised primarily of participating whole life insurance policies.
The plans do not grow cash value like whole life insurance policies do, and that means premiums on average are more than 10 times less than what they are for whole life plans that pay the same death benefit.
While the primary reason for life insurance is the death benefit, there are certain advantages--or living benefits --included with participating whole life insurance policies.
Business owners can tap their whole life insurance policies for capitalization and liquidity, particularly in times of tight credit, and some often do.
The government will allow banks Thursday to sell more insurance products, such as single-premium whole life insurance policies, over the counter.
Because the P policies were whole life insurance policies, A was allowed to borrow up to the amount of a policy's cash value during the insured employee's life.