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an orange-brown antelope of southeast Africa


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Seeing thousands upon thousands upon thousands of white-eared kob streaming under the aircraft, day after day, was like I had died and was having the most unbelievable dream you could ever have," wrote Fay.
This one, in southern Sudan, involves vast herds of antelopes such as white-eared kob and korrigum, mongala gazelles, and even elephants.
In his ethnic community, boys of the same generation traditionally take the name of a local animal, and his was the white-eared kob.
2 million white-eared kob, tiang antelope and Mongalla gazelle, as well as smaller herds of elephants, giraffe and other animals in Southern Sudan.
From the 1960s through the early 1980s, WCS's predecessor organization, the New York Zoological Society, helped establish the Boma National Park in southern Sudan and supported pioneering work on the migration and breeding of the white-eared kob, a type of antelope.