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of or designating salaried professional or clerical work or workers

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The different rhetorics, eligibility rules, wage structures, and implementation procedures in each of these three periods provided ample opportunity for Hopkins and his staff not only to attempt to meet the needs of the unemployed white-collar worker, but also to construct and reconstruct their understandings and public messages about those needs and about the legitimacy of meeting them.
Furthermore, Spence (forthcoming) argues that, due to longer years of formal schooling, the white-collar worker has become more comfortable with the use of Spanish and less secure in the use of Limon Creole.
It's even starting to replace white-collar workers," AXA Insurance CIO Bruno Fonseca said at DigiTrans 2017.
The walking meeting pilot study provides early evidence that white-collar workers find it feasible and acceptable to convert a traditional seated meeting into a walking meeting.
That hierarchy is built on the idea that white-collar workers are more skilled than blue-collar workers, so the white-collar workers tend to get paid more and, because people prefer higher pay, a person would choose to do blue-collar labor only if no other options were available.
A CEPD official expressed that there are 28,000 foreign white-collar workers working in Taiwan, a number which is fewer than other countries.
As expected, more Qataris (48%) attend Majlis than white-collar workers (18%).
But the recent global downturn led to company mergers, bankrupt firms and layoffs which have forced white-collar workers to make new plans about their lives, says Ilham Suheyl Akgul, head of a Turkish recruitment consultancy firm.
Thus, the resulting samples contain respectively 1,714 firms with 13,097 white-collar workers and 692 firms with 5,413 blue-collar workers.
Byline: It's blue-collar versus white-collar workers at various labour accommodation sites in Dubai at the weekend.
Ministers fear white-collar workers may steer clear of the sort of Jobcentre-based state help package to be unveiled shortly by the government.
who argues much of the reported gap between real blue-collar wages and labor productivity growth is due to measurement issues and the rapid acquisition of skills by white-collar workers, while only some 30 percent is attributable to conventional wage inequality, the dramatic increase in wages of the richest Americans, and class inequality.
WHITE-COLLAR workers at a North-East council are to get their hands dirty this autumn.
Limited unionism among these new white-collar workers deserves close exploration.
The BNA PLUS report provides representation and decertification election statistics by major union affiliation, industry, unit size, state and for white-collar workers.