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Jewish genocide of the white race via immigration," the printed letter reads.
The children of the white racists are the future of the white race.
In the US, there is an apparent resurgence of the perception that the white race is supreme over others.
Powell (environmental history, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) demonstrates that early arguments for preserving the wilderness were intertwined with arguments and fears over immigration, racial superiority, and the possible extinction of the white race.
Overall, they have increased by seven percent across the country as nearly 50 percent of the offenders were of the non-Muslim white race, the agency said in its 2015 Hate Crime Statistics report.
My reading suggests that whereas these framings render both Muslims and Jews existential threats conspiring to destroy the white race, Islamophobia plays a more supplemental role to anti-Semitism, which remains the dynamic center.
A CONTROVERSIAL leaflet claiming "the white race is nature's finest" has not broken any laws according to Merseyside Police.
The popular mascot, dressed in his signature red and white race suit, raised the profile of the upcoming endurance event and spoke to the youngsters about the support races, live musical performances and range of fun and engaging entertainment acts that have been lined up over the weekend.
Frustration creeps in the "ignored" know their place, We are the unhearing members of the black and white race.
voiced and King's esteem in America, why is his plea so little heard and what must now be done to improve black and white race relations in our country?
And in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favour of having the superior position assigned to the white race.
Hitler had made plain his distaste for black athletes and his belief in the superiority of the white race.
London, August 22 ( ANI ): An eminent US fantasy magazine's decision to publish an extract from a young adult novel, which features a minority white race called the Pearls that is dominated by the black race of the Coals, has been widely described as racist and attacked by readers, reviewers and authors.
takes stock of current conditions and initiatives in the realms of education, medical care, policing, reparations issues, and black and white race relations and compares responses to these issues by the Civil Rights Movement to those of Obama (with Bailey frequently working in his own personal experiences of the civil rights era).
34) The term color, according to the Mississippi Supreme Court, did not and was not meant to include or refer to the skin color of members of the white race.