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For a supposedly well informed white person and lecturer of "African-American studies", Dolezal's use of "passing" to justify her identity makes a mockery of the serious and painful experiences of loss undergone by black people in highly racist societies.
It's not like a slur, like you would call a white person a honky or something like that" Oy.
Every white person that I draw only represents that person, not all white people.
In a city as forward thinking and with the global aspirations of Dubai, this disgusting behavior has to be put to an end, a white person should not be treated any different to a black person, Indian person, Filipino person etc as we are all human beings striving to create a multi-cultural city.
As a White person, I found your December issue incredibly illuminating, thanks to the article on Africa and the interview with former President Bill Clinton.
HOWEVER liberal-minded you are, it is very uncomfortable to be the only white person travelling on a full bus.
The Koreans exit as White Person 1 storms angrily downstage, with White Person 2 following her.
In the racially charged atmosphere, the black men of this novel struggle with the changing times in LA, fully aware of and bitter about discrimination, but each still willing to see each white person as just that.
Now a mature adult, at age forty he was called a "Harvard nigger"; at forty-five he was denied a loan, because of race, by a New York bank; at sixty he was ordered to serve as a porter for a white person at an upscale hotel; at eighty he was told to hang up a white guest's coat at a Washington club.
They say they don't care what a white person calls them since words can't harm them.
There was always a white person that came to our community as a minister, as a deacon.
There, when a white person got on, not only was she supposed to move back to the colored-only area, but everyone on her row, four people, had to move, because no one could sit parallel to a white person either.
You couldn't maintain a five-minute conversation with a white person, much less a friendship, without feeling that they would just never get it.
White settlers and juries had been conditions to believe, through popular culture, word of mouth, and sensationalized newspaper headlines, that Apaches were the most dangerous and bloodthirsty of Native Americans; and so any Apache accused of killing a white person was likely to be treated as a blood enemy to be destroyed in the all-white courts, rather than innocent until proven guilty.
Blacks must give up their seats in that section if a white person is without one.