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While the Neem extract ranked 2nd which reduce the white fly infestation from 5.
Influence of climatic factors on the build up of white fly Bemisia tabaci Genn.
Watch out for aphids, red spider mites and white fly in the greenhouse.
White fly fecundity was subsequently reduced when insects were introduced to transgenic plants expressing these insecticides.
Canary tomato growers are encouraged by not only excellent growing conditions as the season gets under way, but by evidence they are holding back debilitating white fly outbreaks which struck plantations some two years ago.
It's believed that reflecting uv "b" wavelengths makes plants invisible to pests like thrips, aphids, or white fly, so they don't land on the plants and spread mosaic virus.
QI HAD white fly on my house plants a year ago so I binned the lot.
The sweet potato white fly (Bernisia tabaci), carrying more than 40 viral diseases, is one of the most nefarious crop pests in the world, destroying commercial and home vegetable crops alike, and eating its way through entire fields if not checked.
Agriculture department has declared Crysopa as the best suitable cotton friendly pest as it can kill and eat 329 Pupae of white fly, 288 Aphid and 100 Jassid.
Pink bollworm and white fly attacks have damaged the crops in regions like Sindh and Punjab.
Farmers Field Schools are being organized with the assistance of Central Integrated Pest Management Centres (CIPMCs) across the country (including Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan) in crops like cotton, vegetables, potato, tomato, citrus (Kinno) which are considered as preferable hosts for white fly, wherein the farmers are being trained/ taught about the identification and conservation methods of various predators like chrysopa, lady bird beetles, spiders and other predatory fauna found in agro eco-system.
Dr Judith K Brown said that the virus was transmitted by white fly, and dominating it would reduce losses.
He said rains in Punjab cotton belt could wash away white fly and would also provide assistance to spot rate to climb further.
Avoid plants that have brown, woody stems, uneven growth, droopy leaves and which show signs of thirst or unwanted guests - rust and white fly in particular.
Some pests like thrips, red spiders mites and white fly are small enough to fit between the grills of window screens.