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a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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He added:"This is a major step forward in the campaign to rid the city's streets of cheap white ciders.
It's very easy to take the cynical view", he says, pointing to Heineken's voluntary ditching of its White Lightning brand in 2009 to distance it from the 'problem' white cider category as an example of how the Deal should work.
But super-strength cider, sometimes known as white cider, will have an extra tax on pounds 2 a bottle, as the Government cracks down on binge drinking.
While the currently-proposed opposition measures against strong cider are largely based on sales of cheap white cider, this makes up less than one per cent of the alcohol market - and declining.
But as soon as the doors swung open, there was the horrifying sight of a bunch of soap dodgers loafing around eating beans on toast, and half a dozen of them drinking a litre of white cider with six straws.
WHEN I was last in Bournemouth where my mother lives, I was shocked to see a couple of young lads leave the local licensed corner shop with a huge two-litre bottle of white cider.
When I'm out running in Swansea's rough areas, I see 14-year-old boys and girls sitting around drinking white cider.
She particulalry loved to have sex when she was boozed up - after two or three bottles of Diamond White cider she was dynamite.
Darren said he began drinking at the age of 14 and by the time he was in his mid-20s he was downing litres of lager and white cider a day.
Katherine Brown, director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, said: "It would be madness if the alcohol industry lobby managed to convince the Chancellor to make cheap drink even cheaper at a time when strong white cider can be sold for 6p per unit.
There are problems with the availability of cheap alcohol, especially white cider, in this part of the city centre.
Cheap vodka and white cider will see some of the steepest rises.
Our latest price survey shows alcohol such a strong white cider can be bought in Middlesbrough supermarkets for as little as 16p per unit.
Without fail such victories will spawn myriad pictures of said underdogs pogo-ing up and down in their dressing room while showering the manager and chairman with Diamond White cider as some poor media representative attempts to get a single word of sense from anyone in the room.
On Thursday, June 3, the St Mary Street Sainsbury's was selling Churchwarden's strong white cider, White Ice, for pounds 2.