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a beverage made from juice pressed from apples

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Researchers from the AHA found that high-strength white cider is being sold for as little as 16p per unit of alcohol.
WHEN I was last in Bournemouth where my mother lives, I was shocked to see a couple of young lads leave the local licensed corner shop with a huge two-litre bottle of white cider.
When I'm out running in Swansea's rough areas, I see 14-year-old boys and girls sitting around drinking white cider.
Giving evidence at the inquest in Newport, Mr Perkins' partner Lisa Williams said they had started drinking white cider and vodka from around 11am in Ebbw Vale on the morning of his birthday.
One client was drinking 18 litres of white cider a day - I didn't think that was physically possible.
It found they could get 13 pints of high-strength white cider - equivalent to 53 shots of vodka - for the PS8.
Louise also made crusty white cider bread, using Thatchers Vintage - a medium dry cider matured in oak vats.
The sale of cheap white cider is a major contributory factor in street drinking in the city centre.
The aim is to tackle that cheap end of the booze market, often available via supermarkets, where white cider and super strength lager are a magnet for the young and overindulgent.
Our latest price survey shows alcohol such a strong white cider can be bought in Middlesbrough supermarkets for as little as 16p per unit.
Without fail such victories will spawn myriad pictures of said underdogs pogo-ing up and down in their dressing room while showering the manager and chairman with Diamond White cider as some poor media representative attempts to get a single word of sense from anyone in the room.
So increasing the duty on white cider and similar products makes both economic sense and is administratively a lot simpler than trying to impose a minimum pricing regime on some 60,000 supermarkets and c-stores even if one were permissible under competition law - which it isn't.
While the currently-proposed opposition measures against strong cider are largely based on sales of cheap white cider, this makes up less than one per cent of the alcohol market - and declining.
The friend says: "She has helped to sneak strong white cider into the rehab centre and has managed to get wrecked with Blake.