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an alloy of iron containing so much carbon that it is brittle and so cannot be wrought but must be shaped by casting

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The Wear Research Group In The School Of Mechanical & Mining Engineering (Somme) At The University Of Queensland (Uq) Is Seeking A Foundry To Supply White Cast Iron Castings, In A Wide Variety Of Different Alloys,Whichwillbeusedinaresearchprojectfundedbycbmm.
Optimization of composition of as-cast chromium white cast iron based on wear-resistant performance," Materials & Design, vol.
Malleable Cast Iron: When white cast iron castings are annealed (softened by heating to a controlled temperature for a specific length of time), malleable iron castings are formed.
The 4-bolt chrome-alloy white cast iron (DURITE H([R])) cams are designed for severe-duty applications to best prevent loosening and unnecessary wear when compared to the previous 3-bolt version.
The Jorge dining table is a stylish contemporary table with a stunning Italian marble top and white cast iron trumpet base which can be used as patio furniture for elegant al fresco dining.
In addition, Sub-Prime electric submersible pumps feature a chromiumalloy white cast iron impeller and heavy-duty rubber or polyurethane coated adjustable wearing parts for longer life.
The guest bedroom also has a walk-in bay window and oak beam/brick presentation, and there is a very attractive period-style bathroom with white cast iron bath and shower.
It's recommended for machining difficult materials such as pearlitic gray iron, chilled and white cast iron, hardened steels, and sintered steels.
Bedroom three looks out across the fields and has built-in wardrobes, and there is a family bathroom with white cast iron enamelled bath with shower over, and a separate WC.
The microstructure of white cast iron is best observed after etching.
Just for comparison with another strong material, white cast iron has a tensile strength of approximately 250 MPa (Mega Pascals) and is also brittle, whereas Ticalium has a higher strength of about 330 MPa together with a greater stiffness while exhibiting greater lightness according to third party testing.
His report systematically explained the effects of composition and heat treatment upon white cast iron microstructures.
Grindability of White Cast Iron with Coated Abrasive Belts (90-081) F.