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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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She characterizes Redpath as a scurrilous leader who capitalizes on the revolutionary histories of African Americans and radical White abolitionists such as John Brown, but whose emigration plans are contrary to the best interests of Black Americans: "a few agents, using the name of Brown and talking Redpath have, by working upon an imaginative and hitherto overworked people, set afloat stories of genial skies, plenty to eat, and little to do" in Haiti.
Both black and white abolitionists had lectured on the Haitian Revolution before.
If the role of African Americans was to provide testimony of the abuses of slavery, then white abolitionists became the prosecutors, alone able to argue against slavery in the court of public opinion.
Stewart writes with a more militant edge than did most white abolitionists of the time.
Yet the status of white abolitionists mandated that they use all three in equal measure, that the combination of white abolitionists' and the black congregation's efforts is what led to eventual victory.
The report said: "In certain educational settings, white working-class pupils in the minority can feel alienated if the role of white abolitionists in the process of abolition is so downplayed that all credit is given to economic factors and black resistance in ending the slave trade.
Here Arkansas has become its own country populated by former slaves, Native Americans and white abolitionists and one Patrick is building his fortune and an army in the Arkansas Confederacy.
The Spooner/Douglass interpretation of the Constitution would never persuade the majority of white abolitionists.
She emphasizes the goodness of white abolitionists and others like her slave owner's daughter, for whom her own daughter was named .
The abolition of slavery in the United States was seen that way, but a handful of black and white abolitionists would not give up, and they eventually created a national movement powerful enough to turn a utopian dream into reality.
4) In this essay I argue that Webb's depiction of prosperous Northern blacks, mulattoes, white abolitionists, and Irish immigrants in The Garies disrupts the racial ideologies of native-born white Americans.
The book gives readers a historical perspective of how HBCUs were established, many in the wake of the Civil War, by Black and White abolitionists and freedmen to educate the newly freed slaves.
The silent fugitive slave's body became an erotic sign of servitude in the social, liberational discourses of white abolitionists.
Black and white abolitionists pushed a reluctant Lincoln to sign the act, Bennett writes, and he quotes a congressman who said Lincoln "feared that enlistments would cease, and that Congress would even refuse the necessary supplies to carry on the war, if he declined to place it on a clearly defined antislavery basis.
Because white abolitionists often emphasized slavery as a problem of conscience for white Christianity, many liberal religious papers carried accounts by escaped slaves.