White Russian

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a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk or cream

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the Slavic language spoken in Belarus

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Sabelnik, who was among some 6,000 White Russians who escaped the Communist Army in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 to take refuge in the Philippines remember settling in Guiuan.
Though some White Russian units fought well, for the most part they required the leadership and presence of Allied soldiers to ensure that they would stay in the fight
Now I've got people buying me White Russians wherever I go.
Another nearby bed contains White Russian Kale, Nero di Tuscana Kale, Prize Pac Choi (Chinese cabbage), Takinoshi Daikon (Asian radish), Cherokee Blue Mustard Greens, and White Onions.
He ordered a glass or two of White Russian - and then treated the punters to a few tunes.
16] Prelates from the nobility predominated because of the large influx of Ukrainian, Polish, and White Russian graduates of Kiev Academy, many of whom belonged to the Polish shliakhetstvo.
Among the ice-cream flavors are white Russian, Aztec harvest coffee, vanilla caramel fudge and deep dark chocolate.
Radko Dimitriev's Third Army to support this operation ensured the defeat and near-destruction of the weakened Third Army when German General Mackensen's Eleventh Army attacked at Gorlice-Tarnow (May 2); ignored Dimitriev's warnings of an impending attack, to the additional detriment of the Third Army; after the great retreat of June-December 1915 considered his army group incapable of offensive action; succeeded by General Brusilov (March 1916), he retired soon after the first Russian Revolution (March 1917); joined White Russian forces in the lower Don Valley, and died there in 1919.
Lux); "Trouble Shooting: Overcoming Problems of Collaboration in Film Production" (Peter Biella); "Fieldwork among White Russian Emigres: Some Conceptual Considerations" (Peter Voorheis); "Adirondack Balsam Pillows: Folk Art, Tourist Art, or Subsistence" (Todd DeGarmo); "The Government Giveth and the Government Taketh Away: Helping or Hindering Community Traditions?
Kahlua is formulated to be mixed and is used in many high-demand cocktails, such as Kahlua and Milk or Cream, Kahlua Black Russian (Kahlua and Stoli(R) vodka) and Kahlua White Russian (Kahlua, Stoli vodka and milk).
This intimate musical performance will include classical pieces with everything from The White Russian by Rob Wiffin, Tchaikovsky Masque by Kenneth Hesketh, to The Crown of Roses by Piotr Ilyitch and many more.
Edelquinn Lueleen Sy-Beltran; 'Refuge in the Philippines: The White Russian Refugees in Tubabao Island (1949-1953),' Kinna Mae G.
White Russian was unlucky at Windsor last month but compensation should be forthcoming in the Ladbrokes Fillies' Handicap at Wolverhampton.
In 1941, White Russian exiles in Yugoslavia formed the five-regiment Russisches Schutzkorps Serbien (Russian Defence Corps--Serbia) which, despite the fact that 90 per cent were between 40 and 60 years of age, successfully engaged and fought off Tito's communist partisans on several occasions.