White Russian

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a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk or cream

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the Slavic language spoken in Belarus

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Though some White Russian units fought well, for the most part they required the leadership and presence of Allied soldiers to ensure that they would stay in the fight
Russian companies discovered oil on the frigid island in the late 19th century, and under the White Russian and later Soviet regimes, Japan obtained concessions for drilling on northern Sakhalin starting in 1919.
Another nearby bed contains White Russian Kale, Nero di Tuscana Kale, Prize Pac Choi (Chinese cabbage), Takinoshi Daikon (Asian radish), Cherokee Blue Mustard Greens, and White Onions.
He ordered a glass or two of White Russian - and then treated the punters to a few tunes.
He woke up with a White Russian next to his bed (that's a cocktail rather than a blonde Soviet, but with his track record it could quite easily have been either).
Kahlua's ad for its White Russian pre-mix cocktail, the agency said, was false because it claimed to be a low-alcohol beverage.
Zinger and Shani visit Ben & Jerry's headquarters several times a year to get help with ice cream recipes, technology, quality control, store design and operations, But the pair also use local ideas and ingredients -- as with Pesek Zman, a flavor adapted from a candy bar made by Elite, and a White Russian that substitutes Israeli Sabra orange liqueur for Kahlua.
Among the ice-cream flavors are white Russian, Aztec harvest coffee, vanilla caramel fudge and deep dark chocolate.
Russian was taught to us by White Russian military officers, emigres of twenty years, who, in replacing our absent masters, taught with an equal level of competence subjects as diverse as mathematics, physics, chemistry, French, and Latin.
Kahlua is formulated to be mixed and is used in many high-demand cocktails, such as Kahlua and Milk or Cream, Kahlua Black Russian (Kahlua and Stoli(R) vodka) and Kahlua White Russian (Kahlua, Stoli vodka and milk).
Try a range, from Classic Mojito and Cosmopolitan, to British Summer Bramble and Black Russian, White Russian, or Pineapple Mai Tai.
During the scene where The Dude's trademark white Russian cocktail is cocktail is R spiked sparking a trippy drug sequence, the audience dug into little pots of white Russian pannacotta pannacottareach with two sugar valium tablets on top.
They would take me to Harlem discos and it was like being escorted between two White Russian aristocrats.
The Russian Spectacular is a music and dance show featuring the White Russian Central Band, joined by the Yorkshire Massed Male Voice Choirs with soloists from The Bolsoi and dancers from The Belarussian National Folk Dance Academy.