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Standing at the window, I watched her walking briskly down the street, until the gray turban and white feather were but a speck in the sombre crowd.
Sophia was to be a shepherdess, with as many sheep as the painter could put in for nothing; and Moses was to be dressed out with a hat and white feather.
Her gray felt hat had a white feather on it, and a white tissue veil with large black dots made her delicate skin look brilliant.
Each man wore a close fitting cap of black, decked with a curling white feather.
The quilt of a high, white feather bed was just visible behind a screen.
The General on hearing of this further intended outrage, showed the white feather.
If you had shown the white feather, and let him pull your nose, he'd have got it into the paper; if you had sworn the peace against him, it would have been in the paper too, and he'd have been just as much talked about as you--don't you see?
A solitary white feather uprose from his kinky, glossy, black hair.
In the opposite corner there sat a very burly and broad-shouldered man, clad in a black jerkin trimmed with sable, with a black velvet cap with curling white feather cocked upon the side of his head.
The mice are astounded to find fluttering white feathers surrounding them like a fluffy mini blizzard.
As if all the white feathers fell from heaven, and all the dark, reptilian members of a sect so contaminated by illness it would take a wet suit to kill a single one-- as if there were no grounds where these two did not play at conversion, illusion, those parlor games in which children are seduced by a coin pulled from the ear, a fish made from the lips, or a buttercup held beneath the fragrant flesh of all that must sooner or later find entrapment inside narrow-barred cages called houses, with big-bellied creatures called men.
Eye and feathers around the eye: large almond-shaped eyes that are often yellow, surrounded by fluffy white feathers 4.
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Anyway, in July 1915 conscription was introduced so no need for white feathers.
And, indeed, his nonappearance would merit white feathers.