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(Arthurian legend) wife of King Arthur


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Choose colors to complement the bulbs--blue violas with white daffodils, blue forget-me-nots with yellow tulips, salmon Primula obconica with purple tulips, or purple and white fairy primroses with pink tulips.
The cartoon is a very different version of the Snow White fairy tale.
For a red-and-white theme, you could try grouping red-berried ardisia with red kalanchoes and white fairy primroses.
String white fairy lights around the mirror for a boudoir feel.
Classy silver or mirrored baubles together with white fairy lights are all you need.
Blancanieves," which picked up 10 Goyas in all, is a retelling of the Snow White fairy tale.
MIRROR MIRROR (PG) Verdict:EITHER Glenn Close or Susan Sarandon in their pomp could have brought a combination of beauty and malevolence to the role of the Queen in an adaptation of the classic Snow White fairy story.
Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm From the animated film, to the annual pantomime, we've all got our favourite dwarf from the classic Snow White fairy tale, but just how true to life are their stories?
From the tiny white fairy lights that surround the geraniums and festoon the perfectly manicured box hedge that first welcome guests, to La Cour Jardin - the courtyard that sits in the heart of the hotel - the whole building is transformed into a magical scene.
Now encrusted with thousands of purest white fairy lights, it's staggeringly scenic as it twinkles against the romantic skyline.
Or, nodding to the season, try a snowy white palette by pairing plants such as white fairy primrose (Primula malacoides) with white cyclamen and violas.
Ooh, now I'm a white fairy lights kind of girl but I do like the retro look of these coloured hanging bulbs.
Director William Friedkin considers his Blood Simplistic trailer-park comedy, played deadpan by a cast of dubious characters, to be a Snow White fairy tale.
TVChoice Seven Dwarves (Channel 4, 9pm) FROM the animated film to the annual pantomime, we've all got our favourite dwarf from the classic Snow White fairy tale.