whispering campaign

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the organized dissemination of derogatory rumors designed to discredit a candidate

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What if your company starts a whisper campaign in your industry that you're a troublemaker?
The dispute between two of the partners arose when Argentine businessman Eduardo Eurnekian accused his Italian partners of mounting a whisper campaign against him and it has been suggested that the meeting may result in one partner buying the other out.
October 1994: Rove is credited with bunching a whisper campaign during the Texas Eubematodal race that then-governor Ann Richards is a lesbiarL Political newbie George W.
Eurnekian apparently took out full page advertisements to print a letter that alleges SEA started a whisper campaign against him and has told Reuters that at the World Economic Forum he `was accused of having a very close friendship with the president along with infantile objections for my supposed lack of tact in dealing with authorities.
I wasn't going to let a whisper campaign destroy the reputation of a person (Groveman) who has been only honest, open, and upfront in his dealings with the district and his efforts'' to determine the fate of Belmont, Hayes said.