whispering campaign

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the organized dissemination of derogatory rumors designed to discredit a candidate

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October 1994: Rove is credited with bunching a whisper campaign during the Texas Eubematodal race that then-governor Ann Richards is a lesbiarL Political newbie George W.
Eurnekian apparently took out full page advertisements to print a letter that alleges SEA started a whisper campaign against him and has told Reuters that at the World Economic Forum he `was accused of having a very close friendship with the president along with infantile objections for my supposed lack of tact in dealing with authorities.
I wasn't going to let a whisper campaign destroy the reputation of a person (Groveman) who has been only honest, open, and upfront in his dealings with the district and his efforts'' to determine the fate of Belmont, Hayes said.
Then Kolbe voted yes on the Defense of Marriage Act, and a new, angrier whisper campaign began.
All that makes the mystery whisper campaigns all the more "interesting, to say the least," for local political mavens like Moretto.