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nonvenomous arachnid that resembles a scorpion and that has a long thin tail without a stinger

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Mad-Eye Moody with one of the tailless whip scorpions | |in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.
A tailless whip scorpion, A tailless whip scorpion, | |top, and a giant vinegaroon
But like tailless whip scorpions, sun scorpions do not produce any poison.
On several occasions in Aug-Sep 2008 we detected giant whip scorpions, Mastigoproctus giganteus, feeding on rare Florida scrub millipedes, Floridobolus penneri, in bucket-style pitfall traps in the field.
This conclusion subsequently was reinforced when on 3 occasions in the field we discovered a giant whip scorpion holding a millipede in its powerful pedipalps while it bit the prey middorsally at an intersegmental membrane (Fig.
1 shows sand grains adhering to the cuticle of the millipede, a sign that the prey may have discharged its defensive secretion in response to squeezing or biting inflicted by the giant whip scorpion.
Nine species of fossil whip scorpion are listed by Harvey (2003:73-74, 79-80); and one further Pennsylvanian species was overlooked.
Towards the "anterior" end there are diverging structures, which one could interpret as pedipalps while "posteriorly" it vaguely resembles the abdomen of a whip scorpion with a "pygidium" turned almost at right angles, but no telson (Fig.
Although the presence of terrestrial flora suggests a whip scorpion could potentially be fossilized in the Monterey shale, this locality has not yielded, for example, a rich insect fauna which would normally be much more common than arachnids.
A new Upper Carboniferous whip scorpion (Arachnida: Uropygi: Thelyphonida) with a revision of the British Carboniferous Uropygi.
Brood care in the whip scorpion Thelyphonus indicus S.