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a member of the political party that urged social reform in 18th and 19th century England

a supporter of the American Revolution

a member of the Whig Party that existed in the United States before the American Civil War

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Whigs from Worcester had held the governorship for decades and probably assumed they had a lock on the corner office.
We have to be on guard when the whig historian tells us, for example, that the Reformation is justified because it led ultimately to liberty; we must avoid the temptation to make what seem to be the obvious inferences from this statement; for it is possible to argue against the whig historian that the ultimate issue which he applauds only came in the long run from the fact that, in its immediate results, the Reformation was disastrous for liberty.
The maturation of the revolutionary mindset, spurred by the need to develop a compelling critique of parliamentary taxation, reflected a resurrection of the ideas of early Whigs such as John Locke and Algernon Sidney.
Nevertheless, she strings together an argument for Whig sensibility and for the Whig belief in the individual's judgment that must be heartening for the democrats among us.
Contra Emerson, conceiving the turn inward to the self more as a danger to democracy rather than a cure for its ills, Alexis de Tocqueville probably best articulated the Whig fear of democracy's becoming authoritarian through the weak, dull and hence manipulable souls it could produce.
This set the stage for a Whig victory in 1839, when William Woodbridge was elected governor.
The businesses which have been sold are the Botanic Inn, Madison's Hotel, the King's Head, the Northern Whig, the Elms and the Fly.
At the other end of the sectional spectrum, the one-time Southern Whig John C.
The Whigs were the precursors of the Liberals, their leading statesman being Melbourne, a man who disliked change but sought to manage it when it was absolutely necessary to prevent a revolution.
For this Whig freshman congressman from Illinois, it was a bad war that, as with our current war in Iraq, was begun on a false premise - the claim that Mexican forces had attacked our troops on U.
The four candidates who fought in the election were Liberal-Conservative Henry Thomas Liddell, Thomas Wentworth Beaumont of the Whig party, Conservative Matthew Bell and Liberal Viscount Howick, eventually Earl Grey.
The Whig Party was formed in 1834, in opposition to Andrew Jackson.
Radical, Whig, and romantic-Right versions of independence played out in the campaign for reform in the 1820s.
It was during this decade that the members of this class shaped their society with their Whig principles while at the same time attempting to create an industrial economy that would incorporate, indeed rest upon, the institution of slavery.
Then once Whigs were safely in power after 1714, there was enough Jacobite interest in prodigies for the new Whig establishment to turn skeptical and to smear Tory High Churchmen as being as criminally superstitious as any Papist.