Roy Lichtenstein

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United States painter who was a leading exponent of pop art (1923-1997)


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If we recognise Lichtenstein as more than a painter of comics, Whaam
The artists' work of the same title from 1971 features a close-cropped image of the mural's famous horse, exploded by Lichtenstein's WHAAM
Renowned for his work based on comic strips and advertising imagery, some 125 paintings and sculptures are showcased, including Whaam
From that point, the artist began to develop the subject matter further by using words and thought bubbles to create emotional context and sound effects, both tools of the comics, such as in his 1963 painting, Whaam
Through such iconic work as Sir Peter Blake's Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover artwork, Robert Lichtenstein's much-aped Whaam