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a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives

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It has a delightful white melon flavor that complements its wet stone minerality - think river rock, not mineral water.
On a wet stone, I cut pink mangoes and toss the peels to a hungry dog.
THEY stripped Nick of doublet and breeches and boots, tripping him to sprawl forward in his shirt and hose onto the wet stone.
A wet stone is a stone that has to be soaked in water, usually for 24 hours, for it to work.
Fresh and lovely-orange peel and herbs around a core of nectarine, hints of jasmine, and wet stones.
As you step over decaying vegetables and wet stones, you may catch sight of some bovine company.
Using a magnifying glass, the students made sure there were no cracks, then moved on to sharpening their scythes with wet stones.
BURNING rubber, wet stones, rotten eggs, wet cardboard, mousey aroma, cat pee.