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one of the two seasons in tropical climates

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It also reduces the supply of beef to market during the wet season.
Deviations in the sex ratio also appear to be related to environmental variation between seasons, as males of the marsupial Thylamys macrurus are more abundant in the dry season and females more abundant in the wet season (Caceres et al.
As for artificial container type, there was significant difference in the outdoor and indoor distributions of water-holding containers that were independently observed only in wet season between the urban and rural settings (P = 0.
The analysis of the daily cycle of Rn, LE and H based on hourly monthly averages of each season, shows that the net radiation and latent heat suffer drop in their daily maximum value from the wet season to the dry season, while the sensible heat flux increases.
coli counts of milk and water for the wet season data was assessed by calculating the Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.
In the wet season we found a greater total number of active mounds (n = 388) than in the dry season (n = 197) ([chi square] = 62.
It has wet season and dry season forms and an intermediate form, so it can be found on the wing all year round.
Environmentalists blame logging and a failure to reforest denuded land for exacerbating the floods and causing landslides, which hit Java's mountainous regions every wet season.
Suspended sediment (SS) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) parameters were found higher during the wet season.
The effects of climate change projected for Cambodia include (i) an increase in ambient temperature consistent with the phenomenon of global warming; (ii) a prolonged hot period of the year with a longer and warmer dry season; and (iii) a later, briefer and more intense wet season, resulting in higher levels of precipitation.
as the shallow-roofed shelter beneath the house where in the wet season,
Saima Ali, an employee of a private company, said that it was very difficult for females passengers to wait for public transport without sheds in the wet season.
The dry season lasts from November-April, and the wet season reaches a peak during September-October.
All Set for the Big Wet also features Australian animals, this time as they board an Ark, in waiting for the wet season.