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an erotic dream (usually at night) accompanied by the (nocturnal) emission of semen

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It confirms that the relationship between freely talking with parents and fear to discuss about menstruation or wet dreams exist.
As such, boys believed that masturbation and wet dreams could negatively influence school performance, physical strength and sexual and reproductive power.
WET dreams are normal at any age and I'm sure they'll disappear as suddenly as they started.
Liberated sexuality was an exchange of information: "Confrontation," writes Greer in Wet Dreams, "is political awareness.
The largest gender differences were in their ratings of their comfort teaching wet dreams, sexual problems and concerns, pornography, sexual behaviour, masturbation, and sexual pleasure and orgasm.
His dad says it's only natural for a lad his age to have wet dreams, but I've got to do the laundry and I think it's unhealthy just to leave stuff to dry before the sheets get washed.
Well, keep the wet dreams but switch that science journal to Vogue and Cosmopolitan because nanotechnology--the marriage of engineering and chemistry--can make you beautiful, baby.
THE enjoyable Teen Species (BBC1, Wednesday) told how adolescent boys stink, pick their noses, have constant wet dreams and like fighting.
Fans of the Cheyenne skatepark and Juice Harding can get Wet Dreams, the new John Doe video at geocities.
Some of the most influential lesbian fiction of the last 15 years, her novels, including The Passion and Written o the Body, are the stuff of literary lesbian wet dreams.
The interview schedule included a list of seven terms related to sexual development: ejaculation, hormones, menstruation, ovulation, puberty, semen, and wet dreams.
Children were asked if they had experienced any sexual dreams, if female students had started menstruating and if male students had had any wet dreams.
Yep, it was men against Bhoys in the Theatre of Dreams (or the Theatre of Wet Dreams as I heard one Rangers fan describe it after the third goal went in).
One woman who has been trying to adopt for years told me this week she and her husband had been asked by Social Services to write an essay on the wet dreams and sexual fantasies they had as 15-year-olds.
Her examples of how to talk about these parts to this age group include a simple explanation about periods and wet dreams.