Western saddle

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an ornamented saddle used by cowboys

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com; one of 48 safari-style tents at Under Canvas; western saddle rides go through the national park and its outskirts.
Western saddles are probably more versatile, rugged, and durable than other styles.
Mr Ashworth, 57, was one of only two Western saddle makers in the UK but he found time to expand the business to include the repair and restoration of antique leather goods - something that has brought an enormous variety of work, from a WWII artificial leg that had broken at the main strap, to replica leg-o'-mutton flintlock pistol holders for a Napoleonic Wars re-enactment group.
Being wheel-chair-bound had made it difficult for him to spread his legs enough to sit on a saddle, so we started him off with a bareback pad, moved on to an English saddle, then to an Aussie saddle, and finally to the western saddle that was so familiar to him.
Throughout the house are mementos of past challenges, such as bowling trophies and the magnificent, hand-tooled Western saddle which Piper crafted.
Have you ever sat on a horse - no, not when you were pissed at Blackpool - a real horse with a Western saddle and everything?
Our guide was Annie Rentschler, who made sitting in a Western saddle seem natural and elegant.
They come in several different designs and are available for English and western saddle styles.
The horse riding property stolen included: a tan coloured brand-new Winteck western saddle complete stirrups, leathers, saddle pad, girth and irons; a brown leather English saddle, a black English general purpose saddle and a black endurance saddle; three rugs, a rare vintage US Cavalry saddle (circa 1904) and dozens of English bridles in brown, black and tan.
After beginning in Western saddle at Ridge Valley, she switched to English style and now trains at Woodbury Manor Farm in Sutton after school and on weekends.
When you can do that in the unforgiving Western saddle, then a five-mile trail ride is nothing.
Then I'd bring her to the trailer, yank off the Western saddle and throw on an English, and she'd go right out and win an award in dressage.
Other exhibits included the history of the 1847 Olivas Adobe in Ventura, old livestock ribbons from past fairs and a beautiful bronze-color Western saddle with tassels and designs that was awarded to the best stock horse in 1947.
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